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Yummr's Main Dish

Go Green
Green living is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day.  Many companies are going the extra mile to become greener and even the food industry is catching on.  One notable mention is the BirdBath bakery in New York City.  The bakery itself is built out of sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, vintage, and found materials.  The store is stocked with energy efficient appliances and the baked goods are made with organic ingredients.  It may sound a tad ambitious, but it could be a sign that the times are indeed changing. 


You don’t have to be in New York to enjoy green products.  Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd (and every day) by gobbling up green chocolate made by Vere, Dagoba, Green & Black and more! has a list of green chocolates that are not only environmentally friendly, but really tasty too!


So tell me, how do you feel about the green living movement?  Are any of you currently living a green lifestyle or close to it?  Leave a comment!



Posted Apr 12, 2007 by misterbelly |
Filed under: green living chocolate


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