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Yummr's Main Dish

Mad for Macanese

I've always been attracted to exotic food. A meat and potatoes girl I am not. So when I found out about Macao Trading Co., a hot NYC dining spot serving Macanese cuisine, I ran to see what all of the buzz was about.
The restaurant is reminiscent of Macao's red lantern district in the 40's and everything; from the mysterious entrance on Church St (there is no sign on the door), to the darkly lit room, and banquet seating, oozes sexiness.

Macanese cuisine is a mix of both Portuguese and Chinese influence, and at Macao Trading Co. you have the option to have your dish in Portuguese style or Chinese style. The cocktail menu features drinks with cool names like Yellow Fever and The Bashful Maiden. I decided to be adventurous and ordered The Drunken Dragon's Milk which has Green Tea Vodka and Coconut Puree.

We were seated in the lower level of the restaurant and I felt as thought I had been transported to an underground bar in Casablanca. After perusing through the exotic choices, we decided on the Chicken Dumplings and the Portuguese style African chicken with coconut curry and spinach. The dumplings were delish and the African Chicken was so tasty. Between the ambience, food, and 2 Drunken Dragon's Milk, I was hooked.
Macao Trading Co. left a good taste in my mouth and I'm dreaming about when I can take my next journey to Macao...

Posted Aug 11, 2009 by SuDoughName |
Filed under: macanese food macao trading co


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