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BIG UP food-eaters! I teamed up with fellow Yummr foodie TOMMY_T to cook up a classic dish from the Barilla cookbook. Penne alla Vodka is a popular Italian pasta dish with a creamy tomato sauce and a KICK of Russian goodness.

This is a simple but dEEEElicious dish. Here's the ingredients we used:

-Barilla Penne
-olive oil (light tasting)
-Tomato-mushroom sauce
-GAHHHLIC (garlic)
-Red onion(s)
-Mr. Boston Bottom-Shelf Vodka (please be kind to yourself and use something nicer)
-enthusiasm (drunken)

Photo Captions:

Preparation: Thats me sizzlin up those red onions and garlic in a saute pan. you can never have too many leftover red onions OR CAN YOU?

Complete Meal: There it is in all its glory: Penne Vodka. Although we served the sauce on top, mixing the pasta in the saute pan will really coat it with that creamy deliciousness.

Dinner Party: Some might say this isn't a dinner party, maybe for the lack of dinner table. But what's better than a dinner party? Thats right, a drunken karaoke party. Let me tell you, singing with the kind of passion and exuberance demonstrated by this crew can REALLY work up an appetite. We poured enough HEART into those microphones to make a viking cry.

Other Notes:

-Sausage makes a great addition to penne vodka. The Tomato-Mushroom sauce we used would go well with this too.

-This party consumed a lot of Jagerbombs, one of our staples. However, we tried a Sake-Bomb for the first time and it totally exceeded our expectations. Sake-Bomb is a shot of Sake dropped into a cold glass of Japanese Beer, and then consumed as quickly as possible. YUM! *burp*

-I want to thank my master chef partner TOMMY_T and our fine hostess SU for making this meal possible. Thanks of course to the rest of our good friends who came out to enjoy the good food and ridiculous 80's music.


His Humble Lordship,


Posted by: LordoftheFoodies on February 21, 2008

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it's just how we roll

By tommy_t image tommy_t on February 22, 2008 at 08:28:16 AM

less dinner, more party

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