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About Me

Professional Baker with a love for cakes and cupcakes


Baking, painting, nature, literature

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Roasted garlic carrots, fried fish, apples, fancy cheese, and on and on

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All things cupcake
How to eat a cupcake
I can has cheezeburger

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My time

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I won a copy of Hello Cupcake! It just came in the mail the other day. We had a fun time going through and checking out all the little cakes. Some were super cute, some were a little odd. But all in all its a fun book.

In other news I set up a blogger blog. Its a little more personalizable.

Hope all is well in the land of internet foodies. Time for work!

Posted Jun 28, 2008 by Pinky | Add a comment |
Dreaming Big

    I had a talk yesterday with my man. I think I'm going to do it. I'm going to get my own bakery!

For years everyone I know has been telling me I should. But I went to school for art, and I felt an obligation to do something with that dream. But even when I was in school and painting was my life, I never relished it. I did it mostly because I am gifted in that area, and thought I should use my gift. But my finance pointed out that even after a full day at work baking, I come home excited to bake more. I don't hang out on art web sites, but I have about twenty baking related sites bookmarked. It's pretty easy really to see where my heart is. And while it's hard to think I wasted A LOT of money at school, at least I met the man who will soon be my husband there. So it wasn't a total waste!

I'm not sure if this will happen soon, but it's the new focus of my life. After the wedding that is Laughing

Posted May 22, 2008 by Pinky | Add a comment |
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Petit Cakes
panseyroseThis has been a pretty good week in bakery land. I've gotten to create cute little flower topped cakes for mothers day. Right now I should be showering so I can head off to work to make more...but procrastination is so delightful on sunny mornings. Especially when there is a fat cat purring next to you.
Posted May 8, 2008 by Pinky | 2 Comments |
Filed under: flowers mini cakes

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